Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kansas City

Today's race.  At the Kansas Speedway, with Kraft sponsoring.

As I was Googling for my images, I came across a couple of disturbing facts:

Whole Grain?  Out of our famous junkfood comfort food?  How dare it try to be healthy.  

 And this is just ... disturbing.  I'm assuming it's near wherever it is that the blue box crap is produced.  Sadly, doing this post made me crave a box of Kraft macaroni.  Since when did it start tasting like cardboard? 

In other news:

 I am tired.  Sick.  Sick of being sick.  Have a cold - a simple cold, but MS magnifies everything physical into a ridiculous situation of pure misery. 


And I'm slightly pissed that I do so much for the people around here in the apartment complex, and most do NOTHING for me, even when it's obvious that I'm sick as a dog.  "Sick as a dog"?  Where the hell does that come from?  Googling. Oh, okay, according the the British.  According to the English versions, it remains unclear. 

Back to my Pity Party.  31 laps to go, Jeff has led laps, so he's got the five extra points for that.  Currently running 11th.  Just pitted.  Ha!  Pitted.  Pity Party.  I so clever. 

Best regards,

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