Sunday, October 24, 2010


Jeff got put into the wall by one of the Busch Brats at the Michigan Tums Fast Relief 500 race today.  Which pretty much puts the nails in the coffin on his chance at the championship this year. It put him a lap down.  The good news is that he got the lucky dog, so now he's back on the lead lap again.  Only has to pass about 20 cars to get back up front. 86 laps to go.

A friend is going thru a bad time with panic attacks lately, so he's been coming over instead of stewing in his own apartment alone.  He calms down after an hour or two, while we chat and watch TV.  He called this morning, and I told him if he came over, he'd have to watch the race with me.  He fell asleep cause "it was so boring".  Unbelievable!  I'd slap him but it would wake him up.  He's quite the chatty kathy, so I prefer to hear the TV.

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