Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Since the accident, I've been in pain between my shoulder blades, and it's been getting worse instead of better as time goes on.  The doctor at the Jerome hospital poked me in the stomach about 5 times very lightly - that was his way of deciding I was fine.  So I finally went to the hospital here for X-rays, and it's "Thoracic Strain".  He gave me a muscle relaxant, and Lortab.  I haven't dared take the Lortab, cause I know it makes me dingy.

The muscle relaxant, however, makes me sleep.  I have slept 22 hours of 24, for 3 days.  Oh my hell nutso. 

I spent Christmas Eve with my mom and sister, making banana bread and wrapping presents.  I slept Christmas day and the next and the next.  Mom and Sis called and called me, but the phone did not ring, so they had the landlady check on me.  Their voice mails came in a couple of days later???  I seem to be in a little pocket of non-service for my phone, cause it's happened before when it's windy and stormy outside. 

Even days later, I am sleeping too much, even tho I haven't taken the pills for a couple of days - nobody needs this much sleep.  I walked out front to take Annie outside, and stopped at the office to sigh heavily.  I told the landlady that I couldn't stop sleeping and she told me that someone that she SWORE was me had called her to ask about renting one of the apartments.  When she asked the person's name, it was .... Laurie.  I shook my head noooo, it wasn't me.  Then I looked at her in horror, and said HELL, I hope it wasn't me!  For all I know, I could be planning on renting a second apartment during my sleeping spells.  She had a good laugh over it, but I don't like this fog I'm living in.  And without the muscle relaxants, I HURT. 

I wish for routine.  If I'm going to be insomniac, then I wish it would stay.  If I'm gonna sleep my life away, I wish it would stay that way.  It seems like I can't ever learn how to DEAL cause it's constantly changing on me.  I do think the fog is MS, cause I went thru this last Jan-Feb.  I feel like this is another flare-up.  Hell, the pills could have triggered it, for all I know.  Course, back then I was dealing with facing the fact that I wasn't going to be able to keep Muttin/Jeff because having 5 animals was just too much for me to handle.  Last year at this time, it was a definite flare-up.  Michael was here at the time, which was a great deal of stress, but I needed him to take care of me.  Course... if he hadn't been there, I wouldn't have had the stress...but that is a vicious circle that we will never agree on.  Ha.

My word, this is a rambling post.  Shut me up.

 Ohmygod, this is painful... I miss my little doggies.

Best regards,

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