Sunday, February 20, 2011

Daytona 500, Dale Sr. 10 Years Ago, Remembering


Ten years ago... still so hard to accept.  The death of Dale Earnhardt Sr., 1951-2001

I knew he was dead when Darrell Waltript, the announcer, kept looking over at the crash.  He had to keep commentating about the winner, who just happened to be his baby brother, Michael Waltrip.  Something about his tears of happiness for his brother, while keeping an eye on the crash... somehow I knew it was bad. 

"Earnhardt's son, Dale Jr., followed his dad into the racing business. He said this week that he wants to move on from that tragic day 10 years ago.

'I'm sure 110 damn percent my dad would not want me discussing this 10 years later,' Earnhardt said. 'He would be like, "Look, quit. You've done it. You did it.'
He said he wants racing fans to move on from that tragic day in 2001 when his father died, although he admits it has taken a toll on him; on and off the track.

'If you look at the videos from 1998-99 and if you look at the videos from after that, I'm not the same person,' he said."

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  1. so the fact that I watch the race wearing my DE Sr. jacket, shirt, and hat is maybe not a good thing?

    My dogs Catfish and Annie loved the Far-sighted picture! Nice that another dog was captured doing the deed other than them.



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