Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Surgery Saga aka The Car Wreck, Part 2

I am so frustrated about blogging.  So much to say, so little energy.  Must. Finish. Car. Wreck. Story

So there we were, on our second trip to Seattle, in November.  We had just got done with lunch in Twin Falls, and had just passed Jerome.  We saw a red car in the opposite lane that had slid into the median.  I let my foot off of the gas pedal, figuring it might be slippery in the same spot as we passed where he slid off.

As I let up on the gas, a semi passed us on the left.  I felt the car ... let go of the road, is the best way to describe it.  I turned into the skid, as you're supposed to do when slipping and sliding on icy roads.  I felt like I was still in control of the car, and it would slide left into the median - and not be too terribly bad.  But for some reason, Kim grabbed the wheel, and then... we slid to the right, and rolled at least twice, up and over the barbed wire fence, 50 yards away from the freeway.  The car landed right side up, altho I couldn't tell that at the time it finally stopped moving.

Kim had his seat belt on.  I didn't.  The windows broke into smithereens, and Kim said he felt his face dragging on the ground for a couple of seconds. I was thrown into the back seat with my face in the corner behind the seat, and my laptop was laying against my face.  I remember thinking 'Huh.  Wonder how my computer got out of it's bag'.  I saw black the entire time the car was moving.  When it landed, I was COVERED in dirt, snow, and all my packed items.  Because we didn't know how long the surgery recovery would be, I had packed a bunch of stuff for me to do, alone in a hotel room, possibly.  Thinking that packing it all in several separate bags would be easier to FIT around Kim's suitcases, sleep and oxygen machines...

Kim's oxygen machine

ALL my stuff was in the back seat and it ALL came out of their bags, so everything was covered in snow and dirt.  My laptop, camera, cell phone, books, etc.

I think I have said I knew I wasn't going to die.  That's not true.  I knew I wasn't hurt.  I remember thinking, "So this is what it's like to die", and how peaceful it was.  It didn't occur to me till afterwords that only seeing black might have been a concern... I didn't see any white light... so I guess it's Hell for me!

To be continued...

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  1. Sorry about the accident!! But you don't get off that easy, you have to stay here with the rest of us. In case you didn't know it this is Hell!!


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