Friday, February 18, 2011

Why I'm not moving to Denver

As some of you know, I love San Francisco.  I drove down to see SanFranMan 6 years ago.  He wanted to meet me on the Oakland side of the Bay Bridge, and I would follow him home, so I wouldn't get lost.  Instead, I drove straight to his house.  Over the next few days, I drove everywhere, and never once got lost. I LOVED Bart.  I LOVED the MUNI.  I walked and walked.  The ocean is never more than 7 miles away.  I fell in love with San Francisco.

So.  I applied for public housing.  Five years ago.  I made several trips that year to fill out requirement after requirement.  I was number 1281 on the list.  I remember talking to one lady who was on her 7th year and still waiting.  I asked her if she was disabled and she said no.  To myself I said "Good.  I'll get in before she does..."

Suddenly, about 2 years ago, I got a letter that told me I was now number 3233 on the list.  The war veterans and their families had priority.  I quit talking about it.  Sometimes I even stopped thinking about it.  Some days, I was obsessed - every TV show was based in San Francisco, and I would feel a physical pain, wanting to be there NOW.

The San Francisco Housing Authority doesn't answer their phone.

On January 17th, 2010, I found a website called Bucketlist.  A bucket list is a list of things you want to accomplish before you die.  It took about an hour to whip mine out, but I really, really struggled with "Move to San Francisco".  I had given up... but had I really, since I had typed it in?  Finally, I decided to Oprah it.  Put it out into the ... well, not the bloggesphere, but to the Universe, and wish it.  Wish it with purity of heart and it will come to you.  And I put it on the top of the list.

The very next day, I just happened to get my mail.  I rarely pick up my mail, cause I don't get any.  But I checked it.  I had 7 days to respond to the letter.  It was the 7th day...

Oprah it indeed.

I screamed.  I laughed and then I cried.  The people in the lobby asked if I was really going.  Oh, HELL YES.  I called and made the appointment.  Oh, HELL YES.

But.  What about Denver?  After the car wreck, I told Jeremy that I needed to see him more, and I would move to Denver.

I called him, and told him that I was at the top of the list for housing for San Francisco, and was it okay with him if I moved there instead.  I felt bad, I really did.  But then I thought "He's far more likely to visit me if I'm in San Francisco - San Francisco is a cool place".  And "The weather is so much better for me than Denver...".  (He hates Idaho Falls)  So I didn't have that worry of never seeing him.  (He works for the airlines, and holidays are the busiest times, so he isn't able to visit much at all).  He said of course, if I was sure that's what I wanted, of course, he just wanted me to be happy.  I started crying again. 

He booked me a flight to San Diego.  He called me couple of times to make sure I was with it as far as getting all my paperwork was concerned.  He wanted my sister to go with me so I wouldn't screw it up.  We (Annie) flew over a heart on the ground. 

I called my friend Ben in San Diego, whom I love so much cause he's the type who is always there for me, despite months, years of not talking to each other.  There is always a corner of comfort in my heart because of him.  We had done the trip years ago, and had sooo much fun.  Yes, he would pick me up from the airport, and keep me overnight.  

Yes, he would drive me to San Francisco.  But he was mean and wouldn't let me drive.  But then he was nice and paid for the hotel outside of San Francisco. 

And the meals.  My onion ring hearts him.  We drove into the city the next morning for my 1:30pm appointment.  We sorta got lost, but no biggie, I knew we would find it.  Hell, 7X7 miles... how could you get lost?  If we got to the ocean - we went too far.  We had plenty of time.  We were early.  We were obviously at one of the housing properties.  It was painted an army green, and took up the whole block.  Downtown San Francisco, and surrounded on all four sides with the very nice, expensive, obviously restored Victorian houses.  

I LOVE the crooked streets and how the houses fit.  

                                                    It makes my brain stretch.

The lovely lady at the desk was just a perfect, lovely lady.  She said I had all my paperwork in order, which was unusual - most people managed to forget something.  What a lovely woman.  And then she sent me on my way.  To wait for another letter. 

Oh, btw - another reason the letter is a miracle is that it was addressed to SanFranMan's address, cause when I originally signed up, I was spose to have a San Francisco address.  Since he's no longer there, the fact that his old roommate forwarded it to me was miracle material - cause she hates me!  

Laurie:  Do you think I'm crazy to move here?
Ben:  Nooooo.  I mean, it's your dreammmm.
Laurie:  Well, yea.  Other people think I'm crazy tho.  
Ben: Well, yea.  There is that.  

Best regards,


  1. Always do your best to live your dreams!

  2. Who are you, RDM? That machinery looks like it might have something to do with Ben?


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