Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tables turned

I'm flying to San Francisco on Sunday for a 10am appointment Monday to pay my damage deposit and first month's rent.  I get to fly free cause Jeremy works for Southwest, but it is 'stand-by' at a busy time of year (Spring Break).  So leaving on Sunday is important if I can't make the first couple of flights.  I saved enough money in the last 2 months for my deposit/rent, which I'm pretty dang proud of, but he's going to have to pay for the shuttle that will take me to Salt Lake to catch the plane.  I HATE to be a financial burden to him (yet he says if I'll get rid of all my stuff, he'll replace with with Ikea, etc. cause my garage sale finds just don't suit him... there's tooo much of it he says.  Sniff)  I REALLY could have used a couple more months before moving to save up more money.

I had asked him earlier if he could go to San Francisco with me, cause I had that feeling of... my dream coming true feels too good to be true, please come with me so I don't screw something up.  But he couldn't cause of work.  Anyways, so he has to pay for the shuttle and we're texting back and forth...

He:  So you're going to need a hotel down there too, huh.

Me:  No, I can sleep at the airport (which I've done several times), or stay with Michael's old roommate (but she hates me), or maybe even find Michael somewhere. (I'm thinking I'm saving him some money.  Specially at San Francisco prices)

He:  I can go.

So I called him and asked why he changed his mind, feeling guilty about being a problem, and telling him I've stayed at the airport many a time, as he has also done.  He said I can't be staying at the airport alone, plus I've wanted this (moving to SF) for so long, he doesn't want me to screw it up.  

Hmmph.  So weird to hear my kid tell me what I can and can't do.

                                                                                                   I remember 
                                                                                                                                   these days...

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  1. so glad your dream is coming true for you!! everyone deserves that once in a while

  2. I remember when, where the picture of little Jeremy was taken, on the ranch, sitting on a John Deere tractor.


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