Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It was spose to be easier

It happened again.  My eye glasses fell off my face into the dog poop I was picking up.  Lovely.

There was nothing easy about shopping for food today.

It was rainy.  Handling Annie, the laundry cart basket thingy to carry groceries, bus money, getting back the receipt which will allow me to take the bus again, the umbrella, and very tight quarters in the corner market... grrrrr.

At the 2nd market, I tied Annie outside the door, with the cart, to a parking meter.  Much easier except for the part about worrying someone will steal my dog, or the food, and/or the cart.  Then I decided to just walk home cause getting a heavy cart basket onto the bus is something I haven't figured out yet - 3 steps up with it and Annie and me being weaker than usual.  Rather walk. 

 One bunch of broccoli, one head of purple cabbage, large pkg. of beef hot dogs, 2 blocks of cheese, one mango, 3 oranges, 5 plums, bunch of cherries, 2 cucumbers, 2 loaves of bread, green grapes, 2 pkg. of strawberries, 3 large tomatoes, and 2 pkg. raspberries.

Sorry for the blurry picture.  I took it too soon after walking back from the store, and couldn't stop shaking.  I bought all that for $27.33 bucks.  Irritating that the receipt doesn't specify what was what, but on the way home, I passed another larger, cleaner, more modern corner market, and bought some non-food items, and they have the detailed receipts.  Lesson learned.  Love this city.  Must figure out a better system tho.  Not going in the rain is a ...OH!  I forgot about the slippery shoes thing.  I fell twice.

Anyways, not going in the rain is a possibiliy, but I needed the coolness factor. 


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