Sunday, May 15, 2011

So I Begin...

I promised myself that I would give myself a month before I started my walking regime.  That would be today.  Today was also the famous Bay to Breakers run to Ocean Beach.  Yesterday, I looked online for info on the race and noticed they needed volunteers to hand out the Finish Medals.  There were 66 positions open.  I thought it would be an awesome jump start to my walking program, only I'd be taking the bus, because I haven't worked up to being able to walk 3 miles to the shore.  I debated with myself for an hour and then decided I'd do it - volunteer, I mean.  So I went back to the official site online and there were no more positions left.  :-( 

Today, after taking Annie to the dog park, I decided I'd take the bus anyways and go watch the finish line.  My biggest problem so far is figuring out which bus to take.  It's easy enough to go to the MUNI site online and get the info, but I haven't figured out my directions yet.  Northeast corner?  Right.  But I figured I'd just get on the bus and hope I'd taken the right on.  But while we were waiting for the bus...

 I noticed people with their race numbers walking by.  Which meant the race was over.  So we walked instead.  I noticed a sign pointing up the road for the library, which is on my list to discover.  It was closed. 

 We got home in time to watch the Nascar race!  Thanks to a rain delay, I only missed the first 50 laps.  Dover, the Monster Mile.  Jeff Gordon is the fan favorite, according to ... some pizza place - sponsor. 

I am happy. 

Oh, and I'm starting the Walking Regime at 220 pounds.  Will take a .... hmmm.  Was gonna say I'll take a picture of myself but I don't have a full length mirror.  Will figure something out. 

Tomorrow, I will take pictures of my first walking destination.   Hopefully, my shin splints are healed.  The hills...

Did I say I'm happy? 

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  1. I'm happy for you!!! Cold, blowing, rainy, and sandy (I was in Hamer this weekend, it blows more sand than wind & rain together)


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