Monday, May 2, 2011

Things I am not liking about San Francisco

  • No lilacs.  I noticed the lack of lilacs yesterday, because May 6th is Jacob's birthday, and I remember walking out of the hospital several times to the smell of the lilacs blooming.  
  • The garbage.  It makes me sad that there is so much garbage on the ground, and blowing around.  I think it's going to become my "payback" activity.  I used to do alot of things at the Idaho home, to help keep it clean, etc. as it was my way of being thankful for being allowed to have all my pets.  If I pick up the trash on just my block, I'll feel like I'm doing my part for getting free money from the government each month.
  •  People who are rude about Service Animals.  In Idaho, we were judged for not being a "real" service dog, going thru thousands of dollars worth of training.  In San Francisco, we're being judged for not really being disabled.
  • People who don't pick up their dog poop.  People who tattle on me cause they can't tell the difference between peeing and pooping.  
I've got my "living room" done!  I got rid of the wicker rocking chair.  I'm sure that will make somebody happy.  :-)  
    Best regards,


    1. Call me crazy, but I cannot remember a wicker rocking chair. .. .. ... ... . Oh Wait!!! Yes I do!! It was almost last and stuck up at the top of the stuff in the van!! I remember! Oh. Well. Okay. I kinda liked it.

      Goals. you have goals. Cool.

    2. It's too hard to get out of. Hey, did you hear? Bin Laden is dead. Seems the Navy Seals got him.


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