Sunday, August 28, 2011

I can fold my own clothes!

LOVE, Love, love.

 My hands HATE to fold clothes.  Or wind up electrical cords.  And garden hoses.  Even tho they are numb, they can't stand to touch anything that requires more than just a second or two of contact.  Like hand rails.  Which would be sooo handy with walking more steadily... but nooo, can't stand to touch it. 

 I saw this on TV quite some time ago, and loved it.

 Yesterday, I rode the trike downtown to the Container Store, to get a smaller container for the dog food, rather than the large, black garbage can it's currently in. Taking space in my tiny kitchen. 

The bike ride was over 6 miles, and easy for the most part.  Annie went with me, of course. First I had to find a Western Union store to cash my energy check..  The state of California pays my power bill, PLUS gives me more money!  I got a check for 161.00 in the mail a couple of weeks ago.  No wonder the state is going broke. 

I found the store with no problem and prepared to be awed.  All the reviews had postive remarks for the Container Store.  And I'm from Idaho.  Where there was no such thing as a monster store full of nothing but things to organize your life.  One of my most favorite things to do.

I found the container for the dog food, and perused the rest of the store.  Came across these folding bowls.  Hopefully it'll help me remember to take water with me when Annie and I go places.

I'm really lax on making sure she's hydrated, but luckily, there are many cafes that set out water bowls for dogs.  This is a very dog-friendly town.  One of the reasons to move to San Francisco!

 She slept very well for the rest of the day when we got home.  Sometimes I feel so guilty for her down-sized life here in the studio apartment on the 4th floor, but her social life is so much better here, with all the dog parks, every day, twice a day.  

Anyways, back to this miracle find. Amongst a million other handy dandy finds. 

As I haven't got a home health aide yet, like I had in Idaho... sniff.  (I miss you, Cheryl!), every time I do dishes and fold clothes, I think of her. 

It takes mere seconds, and so much easier for me.  Poor hands. And it's a space saver too!  Look how neat and tidy it ends up!

Ta da!


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