Friday, February 24, 2012

Bathroom Cabinet

The Photo a Day Challenge is "Bathroom Cabinet".  This was a good thing cause it made me organize and clean my bathroom.

I'm not used to having a cabinet behind the mirror above my bathroom sink, so I always forget where the stuff I've put in there is. 

Alot of these exercises I can do at while standing at the sink.  Which I can hold on to while I do them.  Yes, I actually have been doing them!

 The second one.  Theresa.  Okay, fine, me too. 

I really try to keep "The Four Agreements" in my head.  Specially the second one.  And I'm working one the third one.

Something to think about.  Everyday.  I'm waiting for the answers to come to me.

 The weird thing about this?  I read these things every day because.... I've been wearing make-up again.  It's been YEARS since I've done that.  What the hell is happening to me????


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