Friday, May 18, 2012

Fatigue - MS Style

I've read and heard other MS'ers, and their experiences of fatigue.  Statements like feeling like they're wearing a coat of armor, or that they could sink to the sidewalk and happily take a nap are refrains I've heard several times.  I've used feeling like I'm operating under water to describe mine.

I've also said that the worst symptom I've ever experienced MS-wise is Vertigo - a feeling of constant dizziness and nausea.

Well, I'm here to tell you - this level of fatigue is now the worst symptom I've ever experienced.  If it was always like this, I would not want to live with it.

I've read up on it, and it's said that there is no "avoiding" it by not over-doing it, or getting more sleep, or not exercising at all, etc., it's just ... it is what it is.  Once it hits, it's advised not to over-do it, and to get some gentle exercise, and to try some new meds that have come out.  Also to take some sleep meds if you have trouble sleeping!  That's for people who wake up alot with peeing needs, apnea, etc.  That was not my problem.

I woke up to pee, feed the cats, potty the dog in one manner or another (am gonna teach her to potty in the tub for next time, using the newspaper she was so clever to use last weekend) and I fell right back in bed, nearly asleep the same instant.  One time, I fell on the bed with my arm underneath me, and I remember thinking I needed to move so my arm wouldn't "go to sleep" and get numb, but I was asleep before I could move over.  Or I'd wake up with one leg still hanging off the bed - it hadn't made it up onto the bed before I fell asleep.  Every part of my body was dead weight to myself.  To reach for covers was too much, so my feet would be freezing when I woke up.  But I'd go right back to sleep before I could cover up.  To put on a pair of socks?  Impossible.  Only animals that needed feeding were able to overcome the suit of armor I was wearing - socks or feet didn't count.

If I had been out on the sidewalk?  I like to think I would have found a bench to happily take a nap.  I have an appointment this coming Tuesday with the nuerologist to go over the EMG that was normal, and will bring  this up with her.  It's better, and I spent most of yesterday at the park with poor, pent up Annie, and was fine, but I'd still much rather be sleeping.


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  1. You describe the fatigue very well! ...That is sorta the way I try to avoid the fatigue???


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