Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Home Sweet Home's Living Room & Bedroom

I'm really glad I did this cause it made me clean the apartment.  And I felt so happy because by having Michael here, I've realized how much I appreciate my space.  I thought I needed more room, but in reality, it is just right for me.  I'm really good at getting rid of stuff when I bring something in.  I mean if I bring in a dress, I get rid of another dress or blouse/shirt or if I bring in a table, it's to upgrade the current table, so out it goes too.

 When you walk in the front door, directly to the left is a long closet.  The first half is where I keep laundry soap and basket, cat food, a coat rack, iron, etc.  The coat rack so handy to the front door is ... so handy.  I hang my keys and key card next to the door, and the leashes and her vest and stuff hang on the back of the door.  The canes are also hanging handy next to the door, and the coats are hiding them. 

And old lady cart is used for laundry and grocery shopping.  I've got a big one and a small one.  Also use it for the library if I'm walking.

Hmm.  The chair looks like a straight board... it's really a chair covered with a pillow case.  

There are bells hanging next to the cat foot container cause I was hoping Annie would go back to ringing them when she needs to pee, but she prefers staring at me instead.  And then poking me if I don't pay attention to the stare.  I think she learned the stare method from Muttin/Jeff. 
 The second part of the closet is my pantry.  Also vacuum and bags.  Bags are a big deal here.  San Francisco was the first city in the US to ban those white plastic bags. Cause they last forever in landfills.  And trees

The calendar is for Michael's appointments cause he's got a million of them.  It's only going to get worse while looking for another place to live.  Tomorrow we go apply at a place at 6am.  They only take the first 7 in line.  It's a cool old building on the National Historic Register. 

Annie's practicing for Halloween. 

Behind the stove, there is a 5 foot tall wooden partion, separating the kitchen from the living room.  Ta da.  I'm standing right next to the partition to take the picture, to give you an idea of the size of my little studio.  The brown thing is a cabinet that I love, but then I got this old Red Flyer Wagon.  If Michael wasn't here, I'd have space for it.  I've already gotten rid two cabinets so I could fit Michael in, so I really didn't want to lose another one.  Solution was to put the cabinet in the wagon! 

I just now got an email asking me how Hank is, cause I haven't mentioned anything about him since my new roommate arrived.  The truth is - is that he's been a little upset with me cause I wouldn't let him stay with me while he looked for a place.  He wanted to know what the difference was  between him and Michael.  Ummm.  We hadn't slept together up to that point and I wanted to keep it that way.  But it came out of my mouth as "I've already slept with him".

Yea.  Classy.

But things are okay now, but he likes to be around so he can keep an eye on Michael.

I'm standing next to my bed to take this one.

Goodness, what a hodge podge of colors.  I don't like the Thanksgiving table cloths...

And here it is.. the infamous bunkbed.  I'm so pleased with it.  I can have a guest, plus it will hold the cats when Michael is gone.  I'm tired of all three animals sleeping with me.  Yes,definitely gonna have to change out the Thanksgiving table cloths to the black and white ones.  The white thing is a fabric closet that I can't get into, but I had to keep it for storing the stuff that used to hold what was in the 2 cabinets that I got rid of.  So I put stuff that I don't use into the fabric closet that used to be in the top of my real closet... isn't this facinating?  I wish mine was black and white <-----like this one.

I can still raise my hospital bed with no problem  I love how cozy it feels.  I do need to figure out something better for the curtains.  Something to block the heat better.  October is summer time for San Francisco and I'm feeling the heat.  Annie's crate is at the end of my bed, and I'm standing next to it.

Next up is the "dressing room" and the bathroom.


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