Thursday, October 25, 2012

Muttin's Got Attitude

Muttin:  What's that.  Another contraption?

Me:  A laptop computer.

Jeffrey:  (with a worried look)  It sits on your lap?

Me:  Yup

Muttin:  Where will I sit now?

Me:  Hmmm, thats true, you're always jumping on my lap, aren't you?

Muttin:  You're on your way to ignoring us the same way you did SonOne when he was a teenager, and you just discovered the Internet.  Thought you had regrets about that.  Guess not.

Me:  Listen, you little bitch, I've about had it from you.  GO LAY DOWN RIGHT NOW.

Muttin:  Wow, that's the first time you've ever yelled at me in caps.

Me:  Go.  Right.  Now.

Jeffrey:  (goes to lay down, and looks at Muttin pleadingly to do as she's asked before I get madder, because he's her conscience)

Me:  Muttin, how about this - you can come sit in my lap when I'm on the toilet.  How bout that?  It's all you deserve really.

Muttin:  I beg your pardon?  Seems like that would make me the worst kind of attention whore. 

Me:  As opposed to a ... lap dog?


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