Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Is it me or is it you?

How is it
that of all
the relationships
with males
that I have had -
2 long terms
who lived with us
for a period
of time...
and a boyfriend
or three or four
over the years...
and who are
all on Facebook,
email, telephone
or in real life still,
all friendly,
and most are on
speaking terms...
along with
their children
for sure all are
remembered on birthdays
and Christmas,
some get caught up
at dinners out
or cooked in..
and some are
truly depended on
and true friends...
and they depend on me
for advice
about dating,
or their children...
how is it
that the ONLY one
who I can't
get along with,
can't talk to,
can't make a difference,
can't reason with...

and most importantly,
can't parent with...

is the father
of my children?


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