Sunday, November 25, 2012

You Go, Girl. No, I Mean it. Go.

Annie and I seem to be having a ... poop-off.  Much like a stand-off.  I should make it clear.  Annie is having it - not me.  A poop-off doesn't require ME doing the poo.  Just to clarify. 

I fell asleep last night without taking her out for her last restroom break.  Her last time out was 4pm, and normally I'd take her out again around 11 or 12pm.

So one would assume she'd be anxious to go poopy doo this morning, at 9am, yes?  No.  She peed like a race horse, and then proceeded to dance around like her body was a bobble body.  Like an idiot, really.  I took her for the shortcut duty stroll - the one where there is no going to the park or any other large patch of grass.  Just poop on the curb and be done with it cause I was expecting a 11am phone call to re-certify for my food stamps.  Plus it was raining.  Plus I wore the damn shoes that are slippery on the wet sidewalks, and I was walking like a damn bobble head - my head was moving but my feet were glued to the ground in order not to slip and fall.  Like an idiot, really.

I began to realize that she has figured out that if she doesn't go poop on the curb, I will take her to the park or some other large patch of green grass.  And that she has started to ignore the poop command.  Once I figured that out, I took her back in.  Then I took her back out after the 11am phone call, only this time I got rebellious and took her to the courtyard on the property.  It was still raining, but I'm not going to risk falling out on the slippery sidewalks because my landlady has a germ phobia about dogs and doesn't want them on the property.  (I'm gearing up for a "Let Our Doggies Poop at Home Campaign" one of these days).

Annie didn't cooperate.  She still didn't poop.  Again she danced around in a way that she thought was cute, but I had discovered the ick factor of stepping on a large snail the size of a small mouse. I took her back in.  Then she took her afternoon nap - the one where she doesn't leap up every time I raise my eyebrows, in the hopes that we're going !!! outside !!! outside !!! outside !!!


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