Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Reason #1 for Moving to San Francisco - the Weather

The predicted high for Idaho Falls is 98 degrees tomorrow.  The predicted high for San Francisco is the high 60's - low 70's.  The weather would be perfect for me in San Francisco.  Walking is what is keeping me healthy.  Heat turns me into a limp noodle and I get stupid.  I can't walk year round in Idaho cause of the snow and icy roads.  I'll be able to walk the majority of the year, it won't get too hot most of the time in SF.  Perfect weather.  Truly better for my health.  I can't bear the extreme temperatures in Idaho, between night and day.  It's not unusual for there to be a 30 - 40 degree difference in the space of 24 hours.  It makes me hurt too much.

Look what I found at a garage sale the other day.  So cute.  Evidently, it belongs to Barbie.



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