Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Reason #2 for Moving to San Francisco - Better Medical Care

Reason #2 for moving to San FranciscoBetter medical care.  Real, actual MS Clinics.  Who will, no doubt, understand that yes, MS'er's do have pain.  My neurologist doesn't 'want' to treat my pain.  He says to let my GP handle it.  Thanks, bud.  I have to educate my GP about MS in general, much less MS pain.  I didn't even try to Google for MS doctors in the town where I live, cause I know there's only one, so I searched for the whole of Idaho for a clinic.  None.  There is a clinic in Salt Lake City, in Utah, but that's 4 hours away. 
It sucks to be here in Idaho with a fairly major disease.

Even tho I know my funny and sunny outlook ebbs and flows in direct proportion to my pain, I get sick of it - not being able to count on myself.  Right now I'd like to cut off my hands and feet. 

Today's gray, grey and dreary.  Bleh.  Slept in till 8:30, which is unusual. 
My bathroom is breeding mosquitoes.  How can that be?  I mean...I flush regularly, so there's no standing water.  Can't believe I don't own any bug spray.  I could have West Nile Virus as we speak.

One of the hearts in front of the hospital.  

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