Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cast of Characters #'s 4 & 5

And here we have Barf.  I guess I better show a picture of his brother in order to explain their names.

This is Hiney.

A couple summers ago, someone put 2 tiny kittens in my car, out in the parking lot - on a hot day.  I brought them in, despite having 4 dogs in the house - Muttin/Jeff, Annie and Duke.  Duke is my son's dog, and I was baby-sitting him at that time for a couple of weeks which turned into 9 months.

I named them Fric and Frac.  Trouble was, I could never remember which was which.  A few later, they both got sick.  One threw up consistently, and the other had diarrhea consistently.  So the brown kitty got renamed Barf, and the black one got called Hiney cause I had to wash his butt several times.

Months later, I got the flu.  MS makes regular illness's symptoms 72 times worse.  So, after one episode of barfing in the toilet, I was too weak to get up off the floor.  I pulled some towels out of the cupboard and used them as a pillow and slept on the floor.  Soon, I noticed some purring.  Barf was sleeping next to my head.

Get it?  BARF!!!

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