Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Hell Hilton (The First 5 Years)

Aerial view of my apartment complex.  There are 40 units. 

 The yellow dot is where my apartment is.  

This is standing on the porch, looking towards the back of the building.  My apartment is to the right, the first in my hallway.  There are 3 hallways.

I live in a apartment complex for seniors and disabled only, and there's 40 units, and 41 official residents living here.  There's a married couple, who have been married for 70 years.  SEVENTY YEARS. 

This is from the back of the building, looking towards the porch.  My apartment is on the far left.

The background of our current living conditions is a bit complicated, it seems.  We have a new landlady, who started last February 2009.  The previous landlady had been here for over 15 years, and was pretty well liked by all.  She was a bit anal about not allowing us to personalize our space outside our windows, or our front door - like potted plants, wind chimes, bird feeders etc. It was a bone of contention between her and I, but we got along for the most part - we were able to have a heated discussion, and handle it like grown-ups.

She looked the other way when Annie the Service Dog joined Muttin/Jeff  (the lease allows one small dog, with a deposit but because Muttin/Jeff were a pair, she allowed them on my lease).  Then she REALLY looked the other way when she came in my apartment one time, and 2 little kittens crawled over her feet while she was talking to me.  I said "Oh.  I forgot to tell you about them, didn't I?".  Ummm yes.  The kittens had been dumped in my car, during a hot summer day, and I refused to love them, I was gonna take them to the Humane Society, but then they got sick and did that "oh aren't I so pitiful" look at me, and I was a goner because they were keepers.  Damn cats. 

Somehow, I was never charged for pet deposits.  I didn't even know there was such a thing until I started playing cards, and was asked how much I paid.  Other people did pay a deposit.  Also, we were supposed to have a doctor's order saying our pets were necessary to our well-being. 

As I said in a previous post - because I was allowed to have 5 animals, I did whatever I could to help out around the place.  The lobby garbage full?  I took it out, while other residents would complain about the house cleaners not doing their job.  Watered the lobby plants, feed the fish, raked the leaves, swept the porch, shoveled snow, picked up pine cones, etc.  She never asked, but she would notice sometimes and say thank you. I always saw myself as LUCKY to have my animals.  I never saw myself as a privileged individual, as in "ha ha, I get to have 5 animals and you don't".  I operated from a sense of gratitude - not from a sense of entitlement, because I felt so lucky to be ALLOWED to have my animals.

And then we got a new landlady.

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