Monday, August 16, 2010

Goose, Fish, Rabbit

Annie's next training exercise:  Learning the pick up the right one.  15 minutes a day for a week should do it...

I'll start out by using a clicker and clicking when she noses each one, while saying the name and giving her a treat.  Which reminds me - there are some who disagree about using treats because they think the dog is being bribed, and will learn not to work for it unless a treat appears.  Annie is smarter than that.  Over the winter, I wore a poncho and the pockets were stuffed with treats while we nailed down the "Come" command.  I don't wear it very much now, sometimes in the early morning.  When I'm not wearing the poncho, she does not expect or look for a treat.  But if I do wear it, she comes right back after pooping, without her ball, straight for the pocket of treats. 

She no dummy.

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