Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Drop it, Annie

These ducks are Annie's favorite.  It makes me a little nervous to know that she put the ducks like this by our front door.  I wonder if she's trying to tell me something.  I never let her take the ducks outside because she has a tendency to leave them out there and I have to get them from the rain or lawnmower.  The conversation when we go outside:

Me:  Get your ball.
Annie:  (Scopes the immediate area for ball, knowing damn well where it is)
Me:  Go get your ball.
Annie:  (Runs to bedroom and brings back the ball)
Me:  Good job.  Sit down.  (So I can put the leash on her)
Annie:  (She drops the ball and sits)
Me:  Good sit.  Let's go then.  (I open the door)
Annie:  (She grabs a duck on the way out)
Me:  Drop the duck, Annie.
Annie:  (Takes the duck back inside and grabs the ball instead)
Me:  You just like hearing me say "Drop your duck" don't you?
Annie:  Yes.

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