Friday, December 17, 2010

Looking for a good home. Seriously.

 Look at the joy in their faces playing together.  I LOVE to watch them play. I can't can't can't keep her!  The landlady will kill me.

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This sweetie pie lived with someone in my building who was being mean to her.  Several people have come to be about it, and I told them unless they were willing to speak up to the cops, then there was nothing I could do, without becoming the Bitch of the West around here again.  With the new landlady, and the Biggest Liar gone, I haven't had a single bit of trouble with anyone.

But tonight, he called, wanting to know if I wanted her.  I told him yes, thinking I'd just solve the problem!  To be fair, he's on crutches as he's lost a leg from Diabetes.  He has no income as Disability hasn't come thru yet, so he's on his last nerve himself.  Mix that with a macho mentality, yelling at her, poking her nose in her accidents, and hitting her... she's a nervous wreck too.

I called the vet where he adopted her from, asking if they would take her back.  They take all the dogs that the City of Rigby gives to them, for whatever reason.  We don't have "official" dog control around here, so the City contracts with this particular vet.

They wouldn't take her back unless the City was involved.  I called the City.  Since I'm taking ownership of her, she's mine to keep.  Not mine to give away.  If I refused to take the dog, and file a complaint against the owner, they would be glad to begin an investigation, speak to other residents for confirmation that he's abusing her and take her that way.  I said that would put us into an uncomfortable situation, considering we all have to live together, and we like it peaceful around here.  They told me they couldn't take her then.


In the meantime... she's an absolute doll.  The owner said she's started to poop inside the house tho.  She used to potty outside when he first got her.  He's probably old-school in potty training, and just confused her, because she's truly the smartest dog, who wants to please.  She reminds me of both Muttin and Jeff...  Muttin, because she's very very smart, but like Jeffrey, who wanted to please.  As we all know, Muttin didn't give a damn about pleasing me!

I would feel sooo guilty about keeping her, considering that I couldn't keep Muttin/Jeff because having 3 dogs just become too much for me.

But damn, she's adorable.  And smart too.  I took her outside and she peed, so I praised her and gave her a treat.  She went and peed some more!

But seriously, I need to find her a good home. 

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