Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ta Da!

Messy version.

Cleaned up version.  Yay! 

Messy version.

Cleaned up version.  Am not liking the poinsetta table cloth, the plaid chair cover and the lamp with Fall leaves.  Am gonna have to finish up with the Christmas decorations for sure.

However, I seem to be the designated apartment complex decorator too.  I've arranged for a Ornament Party so residents can decorate the tree out in the lobby.  They are counting on me to put up Christmas lights in the windows, because I did it last year, so now it's expected.  As the Resident's Association Secretary, it falls to me to make the signs advertising our Christmas Dinner, and the sign up sheet for people to bring food.  So that's what I did this morning instead of tending to my own Christmas.  Tomorrow, my aide comes, and she's going to untangle strings of lights for me.  That will save my sanity.

I'm boring the hell out of myself, so probably you too.

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