Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jeremy called

My son just called with a bad car story of his own.  He flew to Connecticut last week to buy car to drive back home to Denver.  Somewhere in Bumf*ck, Pennsylvania, he saw a big puff of smoke in his mirror, and stopped the car immediately.  Got the car towed to another place called Bumf*ck, Pennsylvania, and the tow truck driver took him to a hotel.  The next day, he walked 4 miles to the mechanics, in that snow storm they were having back East, and found out that the oil plug hadn't been put in right, and the engine was trashed.

So he had to have it towed back to Connecticut, to the dealership he bought it from, and is now fighting to get his money back. Plus the $1,000 or so that he's spent in tow trucks and hotels.  He was supposed to go back to work tomorrow (overtime hours, which is always good).

Cars are sucky.

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