Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Surgery Saga aka The Car Wreck

So I guess I have been remiss in not writing about the car wreck.  I guess I felt like I should tell Cindy that I wrecked the car that she GAVE me some years ago.  Life kept happening and I forgot, someone was busy, etc., and it slipped my mind.  But I keep referring to "the wreck" in one way or another because IT'S DAMN HARD TO GET USED TO NOT HAVING A CAR!

It all started 2 months ago, when my friend, Kim, came to me and asked me to look up how much train and bus tickets to Seattle were online.  Kim used to live down the hall from me, but has moved to a different facility in Idaho Falls.  He was planning on going alone to have brain aneurysm surgery done.  Alone!  I just couldn't handle it, and told him I'd go with him, without even thinking about it first.  His doctors had told him he couldn't fly, and that made sense... pressure on a brain aneurysm didn't sound like a good idea, pressurized cabin or not.  We figured out that driving would be cheaper with two people, so I would drive.  My car is a champion, and I wasn't worried about it - and Kim changed the oil and took it to his mechanic friend just to make sure all was okay. 

So we scheduled for the first week of November - our "payday" with our disability checks.  Off we went, with Google Maps pointing the way.  Stayed in a hotel that night, and checked into the hospital the next day.  Turns out Medicaid approved the cheaper procedure, when he needs the more expensive procedure done.  We had to go home and wait for Medicaid to approve the more expensive procedure.

We rescheduled for the first week of December.  Same plan, different month.  There was a horrible snow storm going on in Boise, headed toward us.  We planned on putting the chains on within the next town or two.  My sister called and said her boss was stranded in Boise, unable to fly out because of the storm.  So we knew it was serious, and I was perfectly aware of conditions.  Meaning, it wasn't one of my MS days.  The car was handling great, the right lane was clean of snow, but the left lane had snow on it, which wasn't a concern unless we were passing.  Even so, I wasn't having any trouble passing - I'm a confident driver in the snow, and not the nervous type.  I kept the speed between 60 and 65, because I didn't feel secure going any faster - I felt like I was driving appropriately for the conditions.  The rest of the world was passing me by tho!  Zoom and Zip!  The only time I'd pass was if there was a semi in front of me, throwing his snow at me and my wind shield.

Kim's a nervous passenger, but he laid his seat back and was resting, realizing I was handling it just fine.  We had breakfast in Twin Falls, pooped the dog, and headed out again.

To be continued...

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