Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jeremy's Childhood Nightmare Chaser Away-er

Ack.  I don't wanna be packed with the wicker!

I am so sick and tired of packing.  I do believe it's the most difficult move yet, and I am a Mover of Many Times.  One, MS tires me.  Half hour of work = one hour rest.  Two, there's no room to sort what I want to take to SF, what goes into storage here in Idaho, and what goes to the moving sale.  Three, half hour of work = one hour rest.  Four, half hour of work = one hour of rest.  Oh, did I say that already?  Odds aren't good for being ready for my moving sale.  My sister came to help last night, the aide will help today, my sis will help again on Thursday.

I called my new landlord in San Francisco today to ask her some questions, because I was so stupid by forgetting to take pictures of my apartment.  There is no closet, apartment number is 414, there is no storage, utilities are paid, and I forgot to ask about cable/Internet.  But man, was she unfriendly!  I think it really will be a culture shock.  Idaho country bumpkin to San Francisco Snobby Snoots.

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