Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The #1 reason for moving to San Francisco is for my health.  

The weather is consistent and cooler for most of the year.  San Franciscans think 80 degrees is sitting next door to the sun.  Idaho has this nasty habit of snowing in the winter, making the roads unsafe for walking due to ice and narrow streets because of snow plowing.  I lost 50lbs one year by walking up to 5 miles a day with Muttin/Jeff/Ouch.  Then it snowed.  And then I couldn't get out of bed the next Spring.  Then it was too hot that summer.  Fall was over before I knew it, and it snowed again for the next several months.  San Francisco doesn't have the drastic temperature changes of 30 to 80 degrees in the SAME day.  You may remember that heat turns my legs into limp noodles.  The cold tightens my muscles so that I walk like Frankenstein, including the arms held out in front of me, out of fear of falling. Sweater weathered San Francisco is perfect for me.  It's better to be able to dress warmer, rather than dress cooler, because dressing cooler could mean ... nakedness!

Reason #2 for moving would be for the better medical care.  There are 6 neurologists within a 25 minute bus ride including the Neuroscience Institute/California Pacific Medical Center.  It's a 17 minute walk, or a 12 minute bus ride.  Mom's Pharmacy is right down the street - a 27 second drive, or a 5 minute walk.  Or they deliver.  And a reminder service.  I'm assuming that's for anything pill related, but it sure would be nice if they could remind me to take a shower.  Neurologists in Idaho Falls come to to our city of 50,000 right out of med school.  There are two established neurologists who refer all the Medicare and Medicaid patients to the new doc in town.  The 4 neurologists I've had in the last 8 years have all moved on to greener pastures.  I'm hoping a city of 3/4 of a million doesn't have the same turnover because they ARE the greener pasture.  

Moving on to reason # 3 - the medical care is up and coming, cutting edge, and research trials are available.  I could even earn some money by donating this MS'y body to research!  Idaho is 10 to 15 years behind the times for medical treatment, knowledge, and patient advocacy.  As well as not knowing that service dogs are allowed into waiting rooms and hospital rooms. 

Reason #4 ...  on every corner.  Okay, I exaggerate.  A lot of corners.  And several farmer's markets. 

I have the perfect basket to use as I walk to the corner stores to choose my meals for the day.  Fresh fruits and vegetables, cheaper than Idaho's "fresh" fruit and vegetables.  I can sign up for fruit & veggie boxes from local farmers - $21 a week for two people.  I don't know who the second person is, so it's either cheaper than that for one person, or Annie is gonna go natural too.  

Lastly, in the health catagory, are reasons #5, 6 and 7.  More activity choices.  There's a Yoga and/or Pilates studio on the corners that don't have fruit and vegetables.  There's 5 or 6 beaches that allow dogs.  I can take a bus to get there, or walk.  There are walking clubs - a great way to meet people.  (Including boys)  (The recent smoking of the weed for pain brought back certain... urges, shall we say)  (The fact that I resorted to smoking of the weed meant that the pain pill levels in my system were low... so the handy excuse of saying "Sorry dude, the thought of jumping bones makes me want to run screaming to my cave - must be the meds" really is true)  (Oh, and then there's the "touch" issue - sharing skin HURTS).

For those of you who get an email when a new post is posted... I made half a million corrections in this here post.  Did you get half a million emails stating so?  

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