Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Remembering a time when packing up a home was fun, and easy physically

Today I pack.  And write a post about my sister.  Packing will be easier!

By clicking on the pictures, you can get a better sense of the horror I'm going thru.  And I'm REALLY tired of all the old people asking me if I'm done packing yet.  Pack is the new 4 letter word. Pack Pack Pack.  Ha!  I can swear all I want and my mom won't even know!  Pack pack pack.  You suck, packer.  Pack you.  Packer. Go pack yourself.  Hmmm... when I am accosted by a homeless person on the streets of San Francisco, I can tell them to "pack off" and not get in trouble!  My cleverness at 4:40am is simply beyond reproach. 

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  1. i hate packing!! glad you are getting your wish though... moving and starting a new adventure!!


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