Monday, April 25, 2011

On Board in San Francisco!!!!

OhmygoshIwastryingtohookupmyfreewirelessALLfreakingdayyesterday,gotmadandshutitdown and this morning, it worked perfectly....

So I've been offline for ... 9 days moving to San Francisco.  I may have mentioned once or twice that I was moving to San Francisco...

Anyways, I'm here, and there's only 8 more boxes to unpack.  For ALL of EVERYONE'S worries about me taking too much?  %#^&%^&#%@&.  Most everything had a place to go to, and it hasn't been a struggle putting things away.  The energy level has been my biggest problem, as I'm completely and totally wiped out by noonish each day.  So it's been slow going, with piles and stacks to work around for the last week.

Oh, and that pee problem I have when I return from doing anythng outside?  The one where my bladder sees the front door and says "Oh goody, I need to pee right NOW!!!?"  Well, that's a problem when there's a security gate to manage, with a leash and whatever it is that I went after in my hands, and an elevator that has to go up four floors before the bladder can actually let go.  Damn thing.  I hate my bladder. 

I promised myself that I would get the living room finished today, so I will blog a more informative post tonight.  Thank you to all those who have called - I really do appreciate it and hope you understand that even talking in a coherent way has just been too much to expect from me, and so I haven't been answering the phone.  It's already caused one misunderstanding, and I just get burned from even trying alot of the time.  It says alot when I wasn't able to care enough to get online until 9 days later! 

Oh, and I'm going to try Twitter, for those brilliant one-liners I tend to come up with, and it will help me remember to delve into those one-liners more in the blog.  Maybe it will take off, maybe not.  If you want to follow, look me up as Peeelister.  Three "e"s. 

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  1. Moving is a big pain with ms, glad your getting settled in have fun;-)


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