Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yet Another Weighs in

I've received another email from a friend with an opinion that wasn't asked for.  I don't get why anyone gets to judge me for moving to a strange city, knowing no one but an ex-boyfriend, at my age, and that I shouldn't be changing my entire life for a man.  ??? 

I don't owe her or anyone else an explanation, but because it seems to be a common conception for more than a couple of my friends, I'll try.  Because it really bothers me that either I am not portraying myself correctly, or my "friends" really don't know me at all!

For the record, the ex-boyfriend doesn't live there anymore.  He's homeless, anywhere along the Pacific Ocean from Mexico to Canada.  We broke up years ago.  He "visited" me for 6 months, years after our break-up because we had remained friends.  After living with him for 6 months... well, the kindest thing I can say for him is ... maybe he was depressed and that's why he couldn't get off his ass and do something with his life but sit on my couch, but thank god I dodged that bullet!

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  1. pffttt! i think you are a strong, brave, and adventurous woman! what a great thing to start a new chapter in life.... it is so liberating to move to a "foreign" place and meet new people, see new things, broaden the horizons so to speak... i'm so jealous!!

  2. Friends do tend to think they know what's best for us and no they don't, it feels more like a control thing. I say go for it living means taking chances, having as much fun as you can. Life is too short to sit on the sidelines watching life pass you by.


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