Thursday, April 7, 2011

Remembering why I'm moving to San Francisco

I've been so beat down from packing and making decisions about what to pack, and what I have to do before I leave Idaho in order to make my meds, medical care, benefits, etc., switch over to California, that I've almost forgotten why the hell I'm moving to San Francisco in the first place.

Friend Cindy asked what I was going to do if "it didn't work out" once I got there.  Knowing Michael thinks I won't be able to make it financially, I'm assuming that is a concern for others also.  Michael's tastes are MUCH more expensive than mine, and I don't like the exotic foods or restaurants he likes.  Wait, I do like them when someone else is paying, which he always was, but for me to seek it out for myself ... not interested in the slightest.  Sushi?  I just don't get it. He doesn't live in SF anymore, so I am truly on my own down there!

Three words.  Food and thrift shops.  Fresh fruit and vegetables are cheaper.  There are a million thrift shops.  A bus driver told me that San Francisco was a good city to be disabled in.  Money is the least of my concerns, but then again, money has been the least of my concerns ever since Jacob died.

What I am most nervous about is making sure my pain meds get taken care of as soon as possible cause to run out of pain meds means disaster, and even tho I've checked and checked and done what I'm supposed to, it's the pills I'm paranoid about.  Although, reason #6 for moving to San Francisco is readily available.  It helps more than anything, but I don't LIKE being stoned. 

I came across this site, 7x7SF today, and everything about it reminds me of why I'm moving.  I'm thinking about doing the things on this list and blogging about my experiences doing it.

Speaking of Michael, thanks to him, I have to deal with this:

The hole on the other side in the livingroom is almost twice as big.  GRRRRR

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