Monday, April 11, 2011

You call it ADVICE, I call it Who asked you?

After the 87th comment to the negative about why I am keeping what I want to keep to take to San Francisco, I'm wondering why it matters so much to you.  You as in real life peeps.  I have alot of stuff, yes.  But in no way am I a hoarder.  The edges of my rooms are lined with furniture yes, and I have alot of things on my walls, and stuff on the shelves.  The floors are clear, and there's a middle, where the dogs used to wrestle.  And it's clean most of the time. 

 I've had it with the negative.  My next door neighbor keeps telling me that all this stuff is not going to fit in the U-Haul. I continue to pare down, because my mental process continues to evolve into someone who wants to simplify more and more.  This is my dream space.  (It's several pages of pics)  Truly.  I love cozy, and I love gadgets.  I love the challenge of organizing and imagining new solutions out of old items.  I am not daunted.  (First time I've ever used that word.  Daunted.)

I live on a fixed income, and for me to lose the mindset of not being able to afford things is very hard to get used to.  I love to thrift shop, and SF has millions of them.  But I can't carry home a couch on public transportation, should I want to replace my couch.  I'm thinking ahead - I believe I can live cheaper in SF because I refuse to buy new, and fresh fruit and vegetables will be cheaper.  But SOME things WILL be more expensive and I am packing accordingly. If it doesn't fit, I'll fix it.  You don't have to worry about it unless you're actually HELPING me.  Grrrrr. 

Maybe I'm being extra sensitive.  But it's truly been an interesting study of personalities ... just because I'm moving to San Francisco.  Maybe it's because I NEED help, and the comments are making me feel like I have to justify my life because I'm dependent on the help and feel like I'm putting people out because I want to keep my blow-up Jeff Gordon car.  

 I guess I just never noticed how judgemental some people can be about the little things because I used to be able to do it all myself.  Many times. 

And no, Sister, this isn't about you.  Much.  :-)   The residents are driving me CAA RAZ Y.

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  1. your stuff is your stuff.... it's part of your life... it's understandable and expected that it is difficult to pare it down.. but what you keep and what you don't is purely up to you...

    i went through a simplifying process a while back and although it was extremely difficult, i am so glad that i did it... in fact i'm still in the process... i put many things i don't use in storage. my thought is that if i don't miss something in 6 months of it being "gone" i will get rid of it...

    the most important thing to remember when paring down is that it is just stuff... stuff... it's not memories, or experiences, or anything's just stuff... memories reside in your heart and mind... just a thought... ;)


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