Thursday, May 19, 2011

Daily Morning Walk

 Leaving the apartment. Going all the way down to the corner.
 Turning right at the corner.  Have to go all the way down to the corner.
 Halfway down the block.  The park is the green grass area.  This corner is also one of the major bus stops.
 At the corner of Delores Park.
 Bus stop at the corner.
 Annie is used to just hurrying up the hill to go potty.  She sat down cause I was taking pictures.  She was like "What the heck?  It's POTTY TIME!"
 Up the hill we go.  I make her go potty on the right side before I give her the ball. 
 Ta da!

The orange is the ball chucker and the ball is that blue and white thing. 
 To the left is one of the dog areas.  It's usually full of people and dogs.  But the lawn mower is running.
 One of the homeless people's blanket.  The lawn mower guy must have moved it out of his way.
 As I walk up the hill, I keep throwing the ball for Annie.  It's alot more exercise than she's used to, because of the hills.  She's in the center of this shot.  You can click on the pictures to make them bigger if you want. 
 Up she comes. 
 Hate the stairs.  Hate going uphill.
 Stairs have nothing to hold on to.  So Annie has to help me.  I hold on to her collar and she takes one step ahead of me.
 The view backwards from the bottom of the stairs, where I just threw Annie's ball. 

 This is to the right of us, and going very down hill, altho it's hard to see that unless I let Annie go down there for perspective.  But this is where I have to take the ball from her, cause she likes to drop it so it will roll downhill and she chases it.  Right into the pathway of the cable cars.  She won't come back when I call if she's after that damn ball, so I freak out if she's down there. 
 Halfway down the block, the cable tracks become level with the sidewalk.  We have to go up to the corner, where there's another bus stop. 
 To our left is more ball-throwing space.  Downhill. 
 Annie bringing the ball back up.  There are 3 "levels" of hills for her to come up.

 The city skyline is barely visible.  This is at the corner, where ...
 we turn left.  This gives a better perspective of the hills.  The dome in the distance is a Scientology Church. 
 More cloudy skyline. 
 Halfway down the block, going to the very end.  There are benches all along the way, which is very nice. 
 Oh goody.  Now I can throw away the baggie with her poop in it.  Love carrying that around!

 Counting the tree trunks from right to left, Annie is 5 trees down, bringing the ball back. 
 Another dog tries to get the ball from her. 
 She's getting better at standing her ground and not letting anybody take the ball from her. 
 We turned left again at the corner and going downhill.  This is halfway down the block towards home.  I have to take the ball away from her, so she won't let go of it.  One time I threw it to the left, into the park, but it hit a tree and bounced out to the street with heavy traffic - Annie ran out into the street to get it and wouldn't stop when I called her.  Heart attack time.  Little shit.  We take the path to the left, in the middle of the block in order to get a full mile in.  If I went straight, just going around the block, it wouldn't be a mile.  And I'm committed to doing at least a mile a day, which I have done each day since Sunday, so this is my 5th day.

 Up the path, going towards the middle of the park. 

 She's tired.  There's a playground in the background. 
 Still in the middle of the park. 

 People and doggie fountain.


 Downhill from the fountain - another major dog meeting area.  I don't know why no one is out this morning. 
 Lawnmower guy.  We're still going downhill, so I have to keep the ball away from Annie. 
 One time she let it go here and it rolled all the way down to the street again.  This is taken from the middle of the park. 
 This is when I have a serious debate with myself - do I need to pee?  One time I did, and Annie now stops at the potty place every time we go by it. 
 Back to the east side of the park, and headed to the end of the block. 
 She's really tired out now. 

 We turn left here on the little path, instead of going all the way down to the corner.  More green grass time for Annie. 
 The homeless often sleep on cardboard.  The lady who was on this piece yesterday accused Annie of stealing one of her socks.  Annie never went near her.  For as sociable as Annie is, for some reason, she won't walk up to the people laying on the ground. 
 More stairs. 

 Turning right, towards the north end of the park.  And the street. 
 One of the high schools. 
 Time to get back on the leash. 
 Turning left, headed back to the original corner, completing the walk around the entire block/park. 
 The front side of the apartment building is halfway down the street.  Less uphill, so sometimes I go that way. 
 But usually I cross the street here, and again where the blue and white couple are, and head uphill. 
 I have to stop for a minute cause I hate uphill. 
 Turned left, and we're on my street, halfway down. 

 Home again, home again.

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