Friday, May 20, 2011

I Totally Lucked Out

 This is at the halfway point of my walk around Delores Park.  For 5 years, I've had several pictures from Google as my screen saver of this view.  To think that after 5 years, after pretty much giving up that I would ever move here, to think that after making an online Bucket List and after much debate with myself, making moving to San Francisco number one, despite not hearing anything from the Housing Authority for the last 3 years... to think that THE VERY NEXT DAY I received a letter from Housing saying there was an apartment for me... to think that I would be living a block away from my most favorite view of San Francisco... in one of the better neighborhoods, in the center of the city, so that everything is well within walking distance, and that I live in a place where I get to "buzz people in" thru the intercom... ( la tee da ) ... it's all a miracle to me still.

According to the other residents, this is the best SF Housing Authority property, as far as crime, homeless people nearby, cleanliness, etc. is concerned.  It's a gated property, there's security on board 24/7, 2 maintenance men, one janitor, and a landlady who's a dingbat, but a nice dingbat.  The staff are all really, really nice, and so helpful.  It's like they are OUR employees, and can't do enough for us.  We're not treated like second class citizens because we're low income, old and/or disabled.  My only complaint so far is that they don't have a bike rack downstairs in the basement.  My bike is still parked out in the hallway, but the janitor asked me to move it yesterday.  Dang it. 

Today, at the water fountain, there were several dogs and people around, and the people included me in their discussion for the first time.  One of the guys brought banana bread. 

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