Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gay Pride Weekend in San Francisco


This is in Delores Park...MY park!  To celebrate Gay Pride.  Saturday was the Transgender March, and Saturday was Pink Saturday - Dykes on Bikes March. 

I moved the camera too fast, but you get the idea...

Yesterday, I attended the Transgender gathering, which did not fill the park like today's Pink Saturday - Dikes March.  I come from a town of 3,000.  Is is estimated that 50,000 people attend the various activities, the march being the highlight of the weekend.

Being a newby, from the state of Idaho, which has no homosexuals, or AIDS/HIV, (snort) I'm not quite sure of gay etiquette.  For instance, I thought the term "dike" was offensive.  How wrong I was.

 There were probably about 50 Dykes on Bikes leading the march around the streets of San Francisco.

Just before the march started, I came across the cable car with a sign that said the elderly and disabled could participate in the march by riding the cable car.  I thought "Awesome" and hopped on.

 This may or may not have been a mistake.  People scream and yelled and smiled and waved and took pictures of us as we drove by.  I felt famous!  But I was uncomfortable because it was obvious that the ladies on the cable car were all gay.  So then I was cussing myself out for being uncomfortable, because I have no problems with anyone being homosexual.  I'm strongly supportive of gay marriage, and part of the reason I like San Francisco is because of the acceptance of gay people holding hands and kissing in public, just like heterosexuals do.  Was I uncomfortable because I didn't want anyone to think I was gay?  After a few moments of deep thought, I realized it was more about not wanting to appear fake.  There I was, being celebrated for being a dyke, and it was a lie. 

It was an experience, for sure!  More pictures to come.  I decided the theme of the day would be Rainbow, and took over 300 pictures.


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  1. Good for you! You might be able to look at as celebrating being supportive of gays. Nobody asked you if you were a dyke so you weren't misrepresenting anything. Anyway, it still sounds intereting.


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