Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I am stuck!

1. Go to Social Security office and update my new situation, which means my income will go up.

2. Then show the landlady new income amount so she can raise my rent.

3. Go to Health and Welfare to sign up for food stamps. Couldn't do it last month cause I received Idaho food stamps. Already qualified for medical.

4. Figure out what Medi-Cal pays for before going to a doctor. Before the next batch of pills run out.

5. Cancel Idaho Food stamps. DONE.

6. Cancel Idaho Medicaid.

7. Sign up for library card.

8. License Annie as Service Animal.

9. Get certificates from Idaho showing she is spade and rabied so I can license her.

10. Get cat litter and cat food!!!

11. Figure out weekly grocery list so that everything doesn't spoil cause I bought too much. This eating healthy is a bitch.

12. Get new ID card with updated info. Don't care if they won't update it till it expires. It's lost. Yea, that's it.

13. Find a damn phone book!

Why am I stuck?

1. Am a true blue homebody. That's all there is to it.

2. I may be lazy, too.

3. Oh wait. I'm in pain. Yea, that's it.

4. Each errand requires looking up the bus routes, and map. Coordinating what errands to run because they're on the same bus routes is confusing the hell out of me. Also, when do I take the Basket on Wheels, so I can cart home the cat litter. The food stamps, dog license and cat litter are all on the same route, but I don't WANT to take the Basket on Wheels to Health and Welfare. Plus, it's time to by dog food too, so with the Basket on Wheels be able to handle the weight of large cat litter, biggest bag of cat food and dog food?

Help me!


  1. How did things turn out?

  2. I think you can, Ithink you can, I know you can. Look at all you've accomplished. love, mom


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