Saturday, June 4, 2011

I Love the Internet

I dropped my camera and... wait a minute. Actually Barf dropped my camera by pulling the strap that was dangling when it was on the coffee table. Bad cat. He's driving me nuts with his anger. I don't think he's happy being a studio cat. He stomps. The tip of his right year got frost-bit last winter in Idaho.  He deserves to be confined in a studio apartment... if he doesn't have sense enough to come home when it's freezing outside!

Anyways, the lens on the camera wouldn't work right, and I kept getting an error thingy - E18 on the screen. So I looked it up on the Internet "What is E18 on the Power Shot S215 Canon". Sure enough, it told me and gave me suggestions how to fix it. It's fixed!!!

I scored at the thrift shops today. Found a rain poncho, and rain boots. It's been raining alot.  However, people wear these even when it's not raining.

I am so happy here. It's still such a miracle that I'm here, and even tho I'm having trouble with finding things that I need, it's okay. I'm at peace and feel more secure with having MS than I ever have.

Wow. I can't believe I said that... "I'm at peace and feel more secure with having MS than I ever have".

I'm having a hard time realizing that San Francisco is a very small area - 7 miles by 7 miles.  When I think of going places, my brain thinks Idaho miles.  My perception of going to Safeway is miles and miles away, when it's really quite close - within 3 miles, as is everything else.  My brain goes "ugh, it's too much effort", but it's really not at all.

However... I've been falling ALOT.  Two times yesterday, and I came within centimeters of losing my teeth cause I hit the ground so hard - almost landed on my face first.  In the apartment, I'm losing my balance really easy too - it's a good thing it's so small, cause I can usually grab onto something to stop the fall.  I'm not sure why it's getting worse. 

Speaking of security, I forgot to mention in my Lucky post, that there's also security cameras at each door entrance. And every single door has the wheelchair button thingy that opens doors automatically. It makes life soooo much easier cause my hands are usually full of something - Annie being one of them. I'm teaching her to push the button, but she's being stubborn about it for some reason.

Most of these books were free.  The couple that weren't free - were only a dollar.  I'm reading alot more than I used to.  Less TV and Internet, more on books!

Oh!  I attended a meeting last nite because Delores Park is getting a 13 million dollar make-over.  There is great concern about how it'll be done.  The soccer people want 2 fields, the dog people want to be sure we don't lose the off-lease privileges, the lights over the tennis court are too bright and ruin the view of the city skyline at night, etc.  I took Annie in her vest and after the meeting, the head honcho asked me if I would join the steering committee, to represent the disabled point of view.  So this park that I have dreamed of for the last five years is getting a make-over, and I get to have a say in it.  It's the same park that I gave you a tour of in Daily Walk post.

I'm also making friends.  Big black men seem to like me, and I've gone on walks with the 2 gay guys in my hallway.  There's 2 women who walk with us in the dog park, cause their dogs absolutely love to play with Annie.  The general consensus is that Annie is extremely well behaved compared to most of the dogs there.  She does me proud!  She's SUCH a show-off tho.  She behaves because she knows people are talking about her, I swear. 

She considers herself the Social Director of the entire park, greeting each new dog that shows up, and then going to their owners for a pet.  Everyone just loves her. 


  1. Laurie, this is great. I love reading about your new life and I hope one day we can see you. I so want Heather to know her dad's family! You are such an inspiration!

  2. Thanks, Nina! We'll catch up next time NASCAR's in town.


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