Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Today's To Do List Done and Not Done

1. Go to Social Security office and update my new situation, which means my income will go up.  Done.  Not true about my income going up.  I'm living in San Francisco on $770.00 a month... 

2. Then show the landlady new income amount so she can raise my rent.
  Not applicable anymore.

3. Go to Health and Welfare to sign up for food stamps. Couldn't do it last month cause I received Idaho food stamps. Already qualified for medical. 
Done.  Will qualify for up to $200.00 a month in food stamps.  Card will be mailed within a week. 

4. Figure out what Medi-Cal pays for before going to a doctor. Before the next batch of pills run out.
  Found out that I have to apply somewhere else for prescriptions to be paid for - I've got Medicare A & B, for doctor and hospital, but need D for meds.  That appointment is next Wednesday. 

5. Cancel Idaho Food stamps.
DONE.   Letter came yesterday confirming cut-ff is June 30th.

6. Cancel Idaho Medicaid.  
DONE.  See above.

7. Sign up for library card.
   Will do .... on Friday.  I'm tired after today.

8. License Annie as Service Animal.

9. Get certificates from Idaho showing she is spade and rabies so I can license her.
   Found her rabies shots were Febuary 3 years ago, so she needs shots before I can license her as a Service Animal.  Am considering flying to Idaho to see her vet in Rigby.  Be MUCH cheaper. 

10. Get cat litter and cat food!!!
   DONE.  Discovered a HUGE Safeway 4 blocks away. 

11. Figure out weekly grocery list so that everything doesn't spoil cause I bought too much. This eating healthy is a bitch.
   It's still a bitch. 

12. Get new ID card with updated info. Don't care if they won't update it till it expires. It's lost. Yea, that's it.  
Have to wait till next month.  Doesn't fit in the budget this month. 

13. Find a damn phone book!
   It seems to be an endangered item - rare.  

14.  Apply for disabled MUNI pass, which will allow me to free, unlimited MUNI (bus), BART (train), and cable car access.  Got the application for doctor to fill out.  

So... it seems that when I'm all said , done and legal, I will have a Medi-Cal card, a prescription card, a food stamps card, a MUNI card, a library card, a Service Animal ID card, and a California ID card for myself.  That's... 7 new cards in my wallet.

14.  Make an appointment to see a doctor.  He/she has to fill out form so I can get the disability MUNI pass. 

I loved today, figuring out the bus system, discovering a new part of downtown, not getting lost, and getting so much done.

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  1. Holy heck, it makes me tired just reading all the stuff you've gotten done!!!


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