Monday, June 13, 2011

This and that

I've about got my apartment done the way I want it, and bought everything I needed to get things right, such as another shower curtain ... bar.  The one installed is set too far to the inside so that when I shower, it's touching me.  So I bought another bar, and hung it up where it's supposed to be, and I use the other one for hanging wet clothes to dry.  I do need another one for one of the closets, cause the one installed is too close to the back wall of the closet, so the hangers don't fit.  Dumb.  Stuff like that, and various space savers - all bought.  The last thing to figure out is putting my clothes away.  It'll help when I can hang things! 

Point is, next month, I'll start exploring a bit more.  Try different restaurants.  There's soooo many different cultures.  I'm not an adventurous eater.  Unfamiliar food freaks me out.  Purple cabbage is about as far as I'm willing to go.  But I am curious about all these strange places, so I'm going to try.

I thought food would be cheaper here, and I think it is... but the economy and weather has hurt the fresh fruit and vegetable markets too.  I need to learn how to shop for the freshest, and ripest stuff, and then eat it, rather than letting it spoil in the fridge.  I'm looking forward to learning this.  The farmer's market stuff is more expensive than the corner markets that have fruits and vegetables outside their doors.

Speaking of fresh fruits... can I just say the mango is not a favorite.  I think they are delicious, but the quandary of how to cut it up without endangering my hands with a knife ruins it for me.  Stupid mango. 

I've also been concerned about vet bills, as Annie needs all her shots, and I can't certify her without them.  It's not true about Health & Welfare paying for her like I was told.  But there are clinics all over the place with $6.00 for rabies shots, free chipping, etc.  VERY reasonable.  Places like Pet Express, much like Petco or Petsmart, will do all her shots for $35.00, which is great, PLUS it saves the cost of an office visit.

When I shampoo my hair, it rinses clean really fast, and it stays clean longer.  Whatever kind of water it is, it's great.  Cept none of us like the taste, unless it's cold out of the fridge.  Out of the tap is awful.  Annie won't drink it out of her bowl, but she will out of the toilet.  I have to add warm water to the cat's canned food, in order to get them some water into their systems.

I've discovered the cats are bottom dwellers.  After watching "Cats from Hell" on Animal Planet, I was very dedicated to fix the apartment so the cats could climb up high.  The walls are cement, so I couldn't use the cat shelves as planned, but I made it so they could walk across the tops of all the bookcases, sacrificing alot of storage space I could have used for my own stuff.  I made ramps and stair steps and even a tunnel thingy for the little darlings.  Do you think they will climb up on any of it?  Oh hell no.

 They didn't used to be bottom dwellers.  But I think my big window (which is basically the entire back wall) freaks them out. 

The doctor is a block away.  A Super Safeway is 4 blocks away, easy walk or bus.  Health & Welfare is a 20 minute ride on the bus, as well as Animal Control, where I plan on volunteering.  The Humane Society is a 10 minute ride on the bus.  Petco is also a 10 minute bus ride.  Prescriptions... haven't decided yet whether it'll be Safeway or Walgreens or an independent shop 4 blocks away.  These are city blocks... not country blocks, so everything is within walking distance if I don't want to take buses.  The library is 3 blocks away.  Mailbox is half a block.  Thrift shops are about 6 blocks away, as well as pot shops, fabric shops and book stores.  Yoga and fitness gyms are all over the place.  That will be another research project for this week.  There's a recreation center 2 blocks away that I need to check out.

If I WANTED a man, all I have to do is be more friendly at the dog park.  


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