Monday, July 11, 2011

Social Skills... I has 'em

Okay, so the prescription stuff is handled.  As of July1st, I have my meds covered by the state of California.  I had to go to an AIDS clinic to sign up, and as I waited and watched all the people around me, I was concerned.  When my name got called, the social worker was extremely solicitous, and was very deliberate about closing the door once we reached his office.  He assured me of my privacy.  More concern on my part.  I asked him if I had to have HIV in order to get covered.


Whew.  I'd really rather not have HIV in order to get my $5,000 a month worth of meds covered!

While waiting for the bus, a very nice man my age started talking to me about Annie, being disabled in SF, his hip replacement 4 years ago, all the benefits he gets, Meals on Wheels, a home health aide, etc., and he's perfectly fine now, he really doesn't NEED all the services he gets, but resents paying the $1.10 co-pay for one of his meds.


He asked me where I was going to sign up for my prescriptions, and I said "Some AIDS place".  He stopped talking to me. And Annie too.



  1. Next thing ya know, you'll be telling us you're a dyke with HIV. LOL!!! You sure run into things, huh.


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