Thursday, July 14, 2011


 Guess what I did cause I got mad?  Scuse the calendar pictures - it was the only paper I could find to lay out to catch the ... debris.  Black and white pictures aren't  the best background for gray ...debris. 

  This is the view if you look down from my window over the courtyard.  Big flowering tree.  

 Then it occurred to me that I haven't shown you the view to the east.  

Important to notice is the satellite dish to the left, barely visible.  They let us have our choice of cable services, instead of forced to only accept one.  "Forced" might be the wrong word... sorry Idaho, I'm just so enamored still of San Francisco.

Oh noes... Hiney lost his legs! 

Somehow, I fit in there somewhere during the night, cause when I wake up in the morning, all three are with me.


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  1. Oh my. How short did you go? Pics, sis, pics. Good for you!


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