Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Monthly Pet Food Run

The trike has made the monthly pet food run soooo much easier.  Petco sells 30 cans of catfood for 13 or 15 dollars, 13 being the sale price, which they do every other month.  This month, they are selling Annie's EXPENSIVE dry food for 10 dollars cheaper than where I usually get it.  Also, the cat litter was once again, on sale from 20 bucks to 9.99, but I didn't need any this month.

Petco is 1.4 miles from my apartment, mostly all level, except for the last 3 blocks, where I have to get off and walk the trike.  Not a problem.  With the trike, I don't have to mess with bus fare, or carrying 30 lbs. of dry dog food and 32 cans of cat food onto the bus.  What am I saying "mess with"?  It just didn't happen cause I couldn't do it.  I used the cart and walked it, and it was difficult.  Today, it was a breeze.  The basket held the purchases, and I couldn't tell a difference in the biking effort with the extra load.

It's a 3 hour errand, but fun.  Easy.  That's all I ask for!

Oh yea.  I managed to pick this up along the way.  It was just sitting out on the sidewalk.  Perfect for holding towels and wash clothes in the bathroom!  And yea for bungie cords!  I strapped the shelf to me... if you can picture that.  Easy peasy.  Altho, as I rode past a group of several men on the sidewalk, one of them called out "Nice rack"...

Which is definitely a first for me!


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