Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thanks, Mom Pom!


I rode the trike to the park this morning, and everyone thought it was an awesome way to stay safe from dogs who run around and slam into people, because they're so gleefully happy about running their fool heads off, they don't pay attention to their wherabouts... Annie included.  Yes, my Service Dog has been known to run smack into me. 

Then I rode it up the road 4 blocks to Safeway.  I had to walk it the first block, but after that, it was a breeze, even with the slight uphill incline.  Coming home was even more fun, since it was going downhill - so FUN!  It is so easy to ride. 

However, getting it home from Idaho... was not fun.  Altho the airlines were nice enough to let me ship it without charge.  I decided that it made sense to fly out of Denver at 10pm, to land in San Francisco at midnight, for a couple of reasons.  One, it would be less crowded on the train and more room for an adult trike, which is surprisingly big.  Two, it would be cooler for me to pull it the six blocks from the BART station to my apartment.  The reason I had to pull it instead of ride it was because one piece of luggage rode in the basket and another rode on the seat, tied down with bungie cords.  I ended up with the second piece of luggage cause there was a box of my stuff left in my sister's garage.  My favorite shirts and exercise stuff. 

The BART train doesn't run between midnight and 4am, so I wandered around SFO for 4 hours, which was really okay, as I got to know my home airport very well.  Which is always a good thing.  It also gave me time how to figure out how to buy a BART ticket too, all by myself.  I tend to get very confused with unfamiliar electronics. 

Then I got off at 16th and Mission, which is where I probably should end the story.  :-)


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