Monday, September 19, 2011

9/11 Thoughts

Last weekend, over Labor Day, I watched a "Criminal Minds" marathon, hours and hours of it.  That night, when taking Annie out for her last pee, I felt paranoid for the first time walking the half block to the park.  I was sure a serial killer was going to jump out from under various staircases and murder me, leaving Annie to fend for herself on the streets of San Francisco.  

Today, after watching all the 9/11 coverage, I'm suddenly very aware of the fact that I am 4 stories above street level.  Hell, back in Idaho Falls, there's only a couple of building over 3 stories high.  This building is cement, and built before current earthquake codes for new construction.  I contemplate my possibilities of survival for falling...  

(Side note:  oh my, a cruel twist to 9/11.  Many people in the towers called home before they collapsed, and because the cell phone towers were jammed packed full, those messages didn't go out sometimes till 24 to 36 hours later.  So these families at home would get these sudden voice mail messages that their loved ones were okay, but stuck here or there.  So the family members would call the officials to tell them there were survivors and where to look for them.  It took several days for them to figure it out.  Heartbreaking.)

Anyway - I'm comtemplating my chances for survival for falling 4 stories with another story above me falling in on my head.  Then this morning, 2 fight pilot planes flew directly above our building, and that was SCARY. 

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