Monday, September 19, 2011

A Cure for Itchy Mosquito Bites

I don't know if these pictures are good enough to portray the hell of monster mosquito bites adequately.  The red spots you see in the mirror behind me show some of the bites I have on my back.  In the smaller picture, you can see some bites in front, in the lower left corner.

Fun times.  I got them during a field trip to Alamo Square, where the famous Painted Sisters live.  We were there to look at the park's 12 to 20 foot wide foot paths.  The foot path proposed for to renovation in Dolores Park is 12 feet wide, and people are coming unglued at the thought of it ruining the "green expanses" of green grass. 

I am not normally prone to showing my skin on the World Wide Web, but I need to pass on a miracle cure for itchy mosquito bites.  Those bites were so red and swollen, that the bites were all one horrible, huge large pancake sized welt.  Of itchy-ness.  MS sometimes tells me things that aren't true, like there's an itch in my ear that feels like my hair is poking me, tickle/itching inside my ear.  I look in the mirror to make sure it's not a hair - and it's not.  MS is fcuking with me again.  So I figured that the itch on my back was the same thing, so I scratched and scratched with a back scratcher, not realizing at the time they were mosquito bites. 

And of course, MS over-reacted.  This was no ordinary itch.  After about the 10th day of it getting worse, larger, and redder, I started to get worried.  Perhaps it was infected?  Or it was a spider bite?  Or bedbugs even?!  I looked up itching in Google.  I found a site dedicated to itching solutions.  One of them was to blow hot air from a hair dryer on the bite/s, to the point of burning the skin for a couple of seconds.  I decided to try it, preferring pain over itching. 

It worked!  It went from a welt of about 8 X 8 inches diameter to what you see in the pictures.  And it never itched again. 

I love the Internet.



  1. Living in Minnesota where no matter what's done to control them nothing works. It's that land of 10,000 lakes thing, a mosquito breeding ground. So of course having dealt with mosquito and spider bites most of my life. This may work for you without the pain of burning yourself. First don't scratch rub with a clean cool cloth, you may have noticed the more you scratch the more it itched! Your tearing the skin letting that bite juice move into the tears made by scratching. Now once it clean with soap and cool water, this part is the hardest don't touch it in any way for 15 minutes then it will stop itching all by it's self the first few times are the hardest. On a camping trip I was bitten by mosquito, then went swimming got swimmer itch, bitten over 300 by spiders I had forgotten to air out my sleeping bag, never forgot to air it out after that. Now after writing about it I'm going to take a shower, just remembering it is making me itch all over!

  2. LOL That's horrible! I feel much better about mine now.

    I figured that's what happened about how it spread. I just didn't realize it was a bite at first.

  3. Very interesting, never heard that before. Live and learn. I haven't tried it, but received an email to use Listerine to ward off mosquitos when you are out.


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