Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Battle of the Cameras (Part Two)


Finally the planets aligned and I was able to take pictures with both cameras.  I've tried several times but something always happened.  The batteries died in one camera.  Replaced.  The batteries died in the other camera.  Replaced.
Forget to bring one or the other camera.  Think I had it with me in the bag I grabbed, and it wasn't there.  Things like that, over and over. It got to be quite a joke amongst me, myself and I. 

I wanted to know which camera actually took the better picture.  The expensive Canon or the cheaper Fuji.

So, finally.  Two pictures taken on  the same day, less than a minute apart.

One is obviously brighter than the other.  The darker one is actually the more accurate picture, because it WAS a dreary morning.  I wonder if I had used a different setting on the expensive camera, if they would have been more alike.  So I'm torn.

Mostly because I forgot to note which picture came out of which camera.


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