Monday, October 3, 2011

The Battle of the Cameras

I've been trying to take a picture of the San Francisco skyline with both my Fuji and my Canon camera, in order to compare the two pictures.  I would like to take the little Fuji (point n shoot) with me all the time, cause it's smaller and easier to manage with my stupid hands. 

However... the Fuji has me defeated.  For some reason, when I push on the button that takes the picture, it doesn't.  I fiddled around with it, and all of a sudden, it worked.  So off I go to the park, but when I got there... it didn't work.  I fiddled around with it again, but still no luck.  I've been studying the operator's manual, and no luck.  Then I came across another ... what are those little tiny disk things that hold the pictures?   Hmmm.  Anyways, I put that in the camera, and up popped these images:  (Cindy, if you're reading, there are some pictures of George down below - just say'in  :-)

 This was a trip to see Jeremy and Dusti in Connecticut in December of 2004.  I was/am utterly fascinated with the "Projects" ... where Jeremy would not drive over there because it's a high crime area. 

 During on of my times house-sitting my best friend's house and keeping an eye on her father, who lived down the street, I evidently got sick and tired of the file cabinet, so I put all my paperwork into notebooks.  Now I wonder why the hell I did that.  This was in January of 2005.

In the next few days, I will find my old posts about George and post them on the blog.  It was an important time and I don't want to forget the lessons I learned during that time.

This is Jeremy (and I) headed for Connecticut on December 31, 2004.  I'm so thrilled to have these dates on the pictures, cause I have NEVER been able to remember dates, or timelines. 

November 25, 2004.  Thanksgiving Day.  I do believe this is when Michael and I decided we were an "item".  Something about having my hands clean out the inside of the little hens we cooked for dinner.  He found it erotic.  Weird boy. 

 This was taken when George was still doing fairly well.  Michael came up from San Francisco to spend the holiday with his dad. 

 I love this picture.  This is still Thanksgiving 2004.  

Okay, now I am confused.  The date on the picture says 1/1/2002.  Michael sent Cindy and I flowers on Mother's Day.  I didn't think me and him liked each other that far back...

Oh!  I know!  Whew.  I must not have programmed the date into the camera, cause that is the default date that comes up every time I have to program it in when I change the batteries. 

 I remember watching him sand this butcher block for me, and laughing at myself, cause watching a man work with his hands.... well, let's just say that does it for me.  I really, really liked him then!  This was taken on another visit he made to see his dad on April 9, 2005. 

That is all.  I am awashed in memories!



  1. Great post! I saw the picture of Jeremy and was amazed at how much he looks like Trevor and old pictures of Tom. They all have the same hair line. Great pics!

  2. Chelsy, now I'm confused on how to spell your name...

    I don't remember who it was, but someone walked into my house and saw Jeremy, and totally thought it was Tommy.

    Thanks for commenting on the BLOG instead of Facebook! I need comments in order to grow it!

  3. There WAS something about that picture of Jeremy but I didn't know what it was. Thanks guys for helping me realize, he does look like Tom, in that picture for sure.


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