Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Way To Go Wednesday!

Today I accomplished several errands on a 3 mile trike bike ride:

  • Applying for another Energy Credit.  Tore my apartment apart looking for a recent power bill, cause that's what they ask for, as well as proof of income, and proof of address.  Finally, it dawned on me that I don't get a power bill!  I was thinking of Idaho's requirements.  I will be getting $226.00 sometime in December.  It's no wonder California is going broke. 
  • Finally got Annie's dog license.  Wish someone would have told me I should have done it within 30 days of moving here, cause there was a $25.00 late fee.  But I have to have it cause the lease requires it and the landlady sent me a letter.
  • Picked up Annie's proof of getting her rabies and distemper shots.  Again, for the landlady.
  • Went to library to print out ADA (American Disability Act)14 page document regarding Service Animals rules and guidelines.  Received yet another card for my wallet... a "copy card", much like a debit card, only I stick it into the machine, feed the machine cash/debit card to load copy card with $ balance to use to make copies)  
  • Went to ... somewhere to apply for my disability bus card, called the Clipper Card, which will enable me to ride public transportation free.  
  • Mailed another application to apply for ... another card that allows me to use cabs or door-to-door transportation, in case I can't managed public transportation.  Which sometimes I can't, depending on the errand.  For instance, it's hard to go shopping for 2 boxes of cat litter with a hand cart and Annie on the bus.
  • Called 2 friends back in Idaho.  
Tonight I compose a informative, friendly letter to the San Francisco Housing Authority, educating them to the fact that there is no weight limit restrictions on Service Animals, and Service Animals do not have to be "certified" or have proof of training.  The lease says no animals over 50 lbs.  Annie is 60 lbs.  A smaller dog can't do the bracing she has to do, in order to help me when I fall.  

It was also the first day I left the apartment without consulting a map to figure out my route.  I'm getting a sense of where I am, and where to go.  


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  1. God Bless you Pee, you keep on fighting. My late husband also had M.S. I wouldn't wish that stinking disease on my worst enemy.
    His form of M.S. attacked his brain pretty hard which left me fighting all those stupid fights for him. I just don't get why they have to make being disabled so hard, and damn near impossible to get any type of assistance.You keep your head up and keep charging right ahead with your life.


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